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Ron & Hermione

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1 Ron & Hermione taj Ned Feb 06, 2011 1:57 am

Severus.Snape <3


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Fan video:

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Ron and Hermione Book Moments:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone
The beginning of the friendship, adventure, and love of our two trusty sidekicks, Ron and Hermione. Includes the train sequence, meeting with trolls, casting spells (Wingardium Leviosa!), and playing chess. Lots of bickering of course.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Continuation of their deepening frienship. Where Ron casts a spell (which unfortunately for him, backfires) to defend his other best friend, Hermione, who, by the way, gets petrified. Battle with the Whomping Willow and flying the Ford Anglia for Ron. First signs of jealousy arise as Ron notices Hermione outlining her paper with hearts and the name of Lockhart on it.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Ah. More action in this third book in the magical series. Ron continues to stand by his girl, and also notices immediately that something is up with Hermione (the time-turner). Wonders why Hermione disappears suddenly, and is concerned how she manages all her classes. Hermione gets a ginger-furred cat (Crookshanks), of which Ron disapproves of because of his rat, Scabbers. Hermione slaps Draco, yells at a teacher and walks away from a class, all of which only amazed Ronnie even more. (Hermione looked flattered.) Also, there is the hug scene in this book, which is just sooo good!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Where J.K. Rowlings addresses very important issues, like puberty. Jealousy ensues as a certain Vicky invites Hermione to the Yule Ball. Turned out to be a good thing, as it served as a wake-up call for our friend, Ron. The flirty bantering is so much obvious now, more than ever.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
This is only the beginning of the blossoming relationship between the two. Ron actually manages to control his temper, whilest Hermione grows more frustrated with the fact that Ron is still clueless about his feelings. Not to worry because there are even more kicky moments, now that Ron and Hermione are both prefects, and Harry lands himself in more detentions than all his 4 years combined, and just because.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
This book is by far the most romantic one of the six. Ron and Hermione's relationship even furthers its' progress as both of them are seemingly more open to the idea of a relationship with each other. But just when they reach their breaking point, the secret that Hermione kissed Viktor Krum two years before, is heard by Ron, so he decides to get a sort of revenge, and kisses Lavender Brown. And kisses her, and kisses her, and kisses her, until Hermione sends a flock of yellow canaries after Ron in her outrage. Though, by the end of the book -after a terrified Hermione finds out about Ron being poisoned and Ron uttering a special name in his sleep- at the funeral of a certain beloved character, it seems that all is well between them, hence Ron's breaking up with Lavender, and Hermione crying into Ron's shoulder, opening the door wide open for the anticipated relationship finally to begin in book seven.


"...And it might have been a good idea to mention how ugly you think I am too," Hermione added as an afterthought.
"But I don't think you're ugly," said Harry, bemused.
Hermione laughed.
"Harry, you're worse than Ron.... Well, no, you're not," she sighed, as Ron himself came stumping into the Hall splattered with mud and looking grumpy.

"You should write a book," Ron told Hermione as he cut up his potatoes, "translating mad things girls do so boys can understand them."

"Oh," said Ron, his smile fading slightly. "Are you that bad at kissing?"
"Dunno," said Harry, who hadn't considered this, and immediately felt rather worried. "Maybe I am."
"Of course you're not," said Hermione absently, still scribbling away at her letter.
"How do you know?" said Ron in a sharp voice.

On their way downstairs they met Hermione. "Thanks for the book, Harry!" she said happily. "I've been wanting that New Theory of Numerology for ages! And that perfume is really unusual, Ron." [Perfume? Isn't that the kind of thing a boyfriend would give to his girlfriend?]

"Who're you writing the novel to anyway?" Ron asked Hermione, trying to read the bit of parchment now trailing on the floor. Hermione hitched it up out of sight.
"How many other Viktors do we know?"
Ron said nothing, but looked disgruntled. They sat in silence for another twenty minutes, Ron finishing his Transfiguration essay with many snorts of impatience, rolling in up carefully and sealing it, and Harry staring into the fire, wishing more than anything that Sirius's head would appear there and give him some advice about girls. But the fire merely crackled lower and lower, until the red-hot embers crumbled into ash and, looking around, Harry saw that they were, yet again, the last in the common room.
"Well, 'night," said Hermione, yawning widely, and she set off up the girls' staircase.
"What does she see in Krum?" Ron demanded as he and Harry climbed the boys' stairs.
"Well," said Harry, considering the matter, "I s'pose he's older, isn't he...and he's an international Quidditch player...."
"Yeah, but apart from that," said Ron, sounding aggravated. "I mean he's a grouchy git, isn't he?"

"Ooooh, Dijon?" said Hermione excitedly. "I've been there on holiday, did you see --?"
She fell silent at the look on Ron's face.

"Don't let Ron see what's on those Slytherin's badges," she whispered urgently.
Harry looked questioningly at her, but she shook her head warningly; Ron had just ambled over to them, looking lost and desparate.
"Good luck, Ron," said Hermione, standing on tiptoe and kissing him on the cheek. "And you, Harry --"
Ron seemed to come to himself slightly as they walked back across the Great Hall. He touched the spot on his face where Hermione had kissed him, looking puzzled, as though he was not quite sure what had just happened.

" can do all sorts of stuff that full-grown wizards can't, Viktor always said --"
Ron looked around at her so fast he appeared to crick his neck; rubbing it, he said, "Yeah? What did Vicky say?"
"Ho ho," said Hermione in a bored voice. "He said Harry knew how to do stuff even he didn't, and he was in the final year at Durmstrang."
Ron was looking at Hermione suspiciously.
"You're not still in contact with him are you?"
"So what if I am?" said Hermione coolly, though her face was a little pink. "I can have a pen pal if I --"
"He didn't only want to be your pen pal," said Ron accusingly.
Hermione shook her head exasperatedly and ignored Ron, who was continuing to watch her.

"We should get a move on, you know...ask someone. He's right. We don't want to end up with a pair of trolls."
Hermione let out a sputter of indignation.
"A pair of...what, excuse me?"
"Well -- you know," said Ron, shrugging. "I'd rather go alone than with -- with Eloise Midgen, say."
"Her acne's loads better lately -- and she's really nice!"
"Her nose is off-center," said Ron.
"Oh I see," Hermione said, bristling. "So basically, you're going to take the best-looking girl who'll have you, even if she's completely horrible?"
"Er -- yeah, that sounds about right," said Ron.
"I'm going to bed," Hermione snapped, and she swept off towards the girls' staircase without another word.

"All the good-looking ones taken, Ron?" said Hermione loftily. "Eloise Midgen starting to look quite pretty now, is she? Well, I'm sure you'll find someone somewhere who'll have you."
But Ron was staring at Hermione as though suddenly seeing her in a whole new light.
"Hermione, Neville's right -- you are a girl...."
"Oh well spotted," she said acidly.
"Well -- you can come with one of us!"
"No, I can't," snapped Hermione.
"Oh come on," he said impatiently, "we need partners, we're going to look really stupid if we haven't got any, everyone else has..."
"I can't come with you," said Hermione, now blushing, "because I'm already going with someone."
"No, you're not!" said Ron. "You just said that to get rid of Neville!"
"Oh did I?" said Hermione, and her eyes flashed dangerously. "Just because it's taken you three years to notice, Ron, doesn't mean no one else has spotted I'm a girl!"

"Hermione," said Ron, looking sideways at her, suddenly frowning, "your teeth..."
"What about them?" she said.
"Well, they're different...I've just noticed...."
"Of course they are -- did you expect me to keep those fangs Malfoy gave me?"
"No, I mean, they're different to how they were before he put that hex on you....They're all...straight and -- and normal sized."
Hermione suddenly smiled very mischievously, and Harry noticed it too; It was a very different smile from the one he remembered.

"It is all to 'eavy, this 'Ogwarts food," they heard her saying grumpily as they left the Great Hall behind her one evening (Ron skulking behind Harry, keen not to be spotted by Fleur). "I will not fit into my dress robes!"
"Oooh there's a tragedy," Hermione snapped as Fleur went out into the entrance hall. "She really thinks a lot of herself, that one, doesn't she?"

"Hermione -- who are you going to the ball with?" said Ron.
He kept springing this question on her, hoping to startle her into a response by asking it when she least expected it.

"Padma's going to meet you in the entrance hall," she added to Ron.
"Right," said Ron, looking around. "Where's Hermione?"

"Where is Hermione?" he said again.

Parvati seemed to be enjoying herself; she was beaming around at everybody, steering Harry so forcefully that he felt as though he were a show dog she was putting through its paces. He caught sight of Ron and Padma as he neared the top table. Ron was watching Hermione pass with narrowed eyes.

"How's it going?" Harry asked Ron, sitting down and opening a bottle of butterbeer.
Ron didn't answer. He was glaring at Hermione and Krum, who were dancing nearby.

Hermione came over and sat down in Parvati's empty chair. She was a bit pink in the face from dancing.
"Hi," said Harry. Ron didn't say anything.
"It's hot, isn't it?" said Hermione, fanning herself with her hand.
"Viktor's just gone to get some drinks."
Ron gave her a withering look. "Viktor?" he said. "Hasn't he asked you to call him Vicky yet?"
"If you don't know," said Hermione scathingly, "I'm not going to tell you."
Hermione stared at him, then at Harry, who shrugged.
"Ron, what --?"
"He's from Durmstrang!" spat Ron. "He's competing against Harry! Against Hogwarts! You -- you're --" Ron was obviously casting around for words strong enough to describe Hermione's crime, "fraternizing with the enemy, that's what you're doing!"
Hermione's mouth fell open.
"Don't be so stupid!" she said after a moment. "The enemy! Honestly -- who was the one who was all excited when they saw him arrive? Who was the one who wanted his autograph? Who's got a model of him up in their dormitory?"
Ron chose to ignore this. "I s'pose he asked you to come with him while you were both in the library?"
"Yes, he did," said Hermione, the pink patches on her cheeks glowing more brightly. "So what?"
"What happened -- trying to get him to join SPEW were you?"
"No, I wasn't! If you really want to know, he -- he said he'd been coming up to the library every day to try and talk to me, but he hadn't been able to pluck up the courage!"
"Yeah, well -- that's his story," said Ron nastily.
"And what's that supposed to mean?"
"Obvious, isn't it? He's Karkaroff's student, isn't he? He knows who you hang around with....He's just trying to get closer to Harry -- get inside information on him -- or get near enough to jinx him --"
Hermione looked as though Ron had slapped her. When she spoke, her voice quivered.
"For your information, he hasn't asked me one single thing about Harry, not one -"
Ron changed tack at the speed of light.
"Then he's hoping you'll help him find out what his egg means! I suppose you've been been putting your heads together during those cozy little library sessions --"
"I'd never help him work out that egg!" said Hermione, looking outraged. "Never. How could you say something like that -- I want Harry to win the tournament, Harry knows that, don't you, Harry?"
"You've got a funny way of showing it," sneered Ron.
"This whole tournament's supposed to be about getting to know foreign wizards and making friends with them!" said Hermione hotly.
"No it isn't," shouted Ron. "It's about winning!"
People were starting to stare at them.
"Ron," said Harry quietly, "I haven't got a problem with Hermione coming with Krum --"
But Ron ignored Harry too.
"Why don't you go and find Vicky, he'll be wondering where you are," said Ron.
"Don't call him Vicky!"
Hermione jumped to her feet and stormed off across the dance floor, disappearing into the crowd. Ron watched her go with a mixture of anger and satisfaction on his face.

He climed into the common room and found Ron and Hermione having a blazing row. Standing ten feet apart, they were bellowing at each other, each scarlet in the face.
"Well, if you don't like it, you know what the solution is, don't you?" yelled Hermione; her hair was coming down out of it's elegant bun now, and her face was screwed up in anger.
"Oh yeah?" Ron yelled back. "What's that?"
"Next time there's a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!"
Ron mouthed soundlessly like a goldfish out of water as Hermione turned on her heel and stormed up the girls' staircase to bed. Ron turned to look at Harry.
"Well," he sputtered, looking thunderstruck, "well -- that just proves -- completely missed the point --"

"He's really nice, you know," she said. "He's not at all like you'd think, coming from Durmstrang. He likes it much better here, he told me."
Ron said nothing. He hadn't mentioned Viktor Krum since the ball, but Harry had found a miniature arm under his bed on Boxing Day, which looked very much as though it had been snapped off a small model figure wearing Bulgaria Quidditch robes.

Fleur bent down, kissed Harry twice on each cheek, then said to Ron, "And you, too -- you 'elped --"
"Yeah," said Ron, looking extremely hopeful, "Yeah, a bit --" Fleur swooped down on him too and kissed him. Hermione looked simply furious.

Ron was still goggling at the girl as though he had never seen one before. Harry started to laugh. The sound seemed to jog Ron back to his senses.
"She's a Veela!" he said hoarsely to Harry.
"Of course she isn't!" said Hermione tartly. "I don't see anyone else gaping at her like an idiot!"

"No, it's did she know Viktor asked me to visit him over the summer?"
Hermione blushed scarlet as she said this, and determinedly avoided Ron's eyes.
"What?" said Ron, dropping his pestle with a loud clunk.
"He asked me right after he'd pulled me out of the lake," Hermione muttered. "After he'd got rid of his shark's head. Madam Pomfrey gave us both blankets and then he sort of pulled me away from the judges so they wouldn't hear, and he said, if I wasn't doing anything over the summer, would I like to --"
"And what did you say?" said Ron, who had picked up his pestle and was grinding it on the desk, a good six inches from his bowl, because he was looking at Hermione.
"And he did say he'd never felt the same way about anyone else," Hermione went on, going so red now that Harry could almost feel the heat coming from her, "but how could Rita Skeeter have heard him? She wasn't there...or was she? Maybe she has got an Invisibility Cloak; maybe she sneaked into the grounds to watch the second task...."
"And what did you say?" Ron repeated, pounding his pestle down so hard that it dented the desk.

"We will see each uzzer again, I 'ope" said Fleur, as she reached him, holding our her hand. "I am 'oping to get a job 'ere , to improve my Eenglish."
"It's very good already," said Ron in a strangled sort of voice.
Fleur smiled at him; Hermione scowled.

Reasons we love them:

Reason # 1
Because she's honestly the most wonderful person he's ever met.

Reason # 2
Because they snogged in the middle of a war!

Reason # 3
Because he has the emotional range of a teaspoon.

Reason # 4
Because she's a nightmare!

Reason # 5
Because he came back.

Reason # 6
Because she is the brightest witch of her age and he would have told her so if she asked!

Reason # 7
Because she's the Queen to his Knight!

Reason # 8
Because they fell asleep holding hands.

Harry glanced over at the dark shapes they made on the floor beside him. Ron had had a fit of gallantry and insisted that Hermione sleep on the cushions from the sofa, so that her silhouette was raised above his. Her arm curved to the floor, her fingers inches from Ron's. Harry wondered whether they had fallen asleep holding hands.~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Chapter Ten - Kreacher's Tale

Reason # 9
Because he's her sholder to cry on.

Reason # 10
Because he'd face a whole slew of acromantulas for her.

Reason # 11
Because it's Leviosa not Levi-o-sah!

Reason # 12
Because he vomitted slugs for her.

"It's about the most insulting thing he could think of," gasped Ron, coming back up. "Mudblood's a really foul name for someone who is Muggle-born... you know, non-magic parents. There are some wizards ... who think they're better than everyone else because they're what people call pure-blood. "He gave a small burp, and a single slug fell into his outstretched hand. He threw it into the basin and continued, "I mean, the rest of us know it doesn't make any difference at all."~ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Chapter Seven - Mudbloods and Murmurs

Reason # 13
Because he helped her defend Buckbeak.

Reason # 14
Because all's fair in love and war and this is a little bit of both.

When Hermione had returned to her bunk, Harry lowered his voice. "You only agreed to try and get back in her good books." "All's fair in love and war," Sais Ron brightly, "and this is a bit of both."~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Chapter Twenty - Xenophilius Lovegood

Reason # 15

Because she's the first person he wants to see after he's been posioned.

Reason # 16
Because he finally realized that she's a girl!

Reason # 17
Because he'd die for her.

"Wait," said Bellatrix sharply. "All except...except for the Mudblood."

Greyback gave a grunt of pleasure.

"No!" shouted Ron. "You can have me, keep me!"

Bellatrix hit him across the face; the blow eachoed around the room.
"If she dies under questioning, I'll take you next," she said. "Blood traitor is next to Mudblood in my book..."~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Chapter Twenty-three - Malfoy Manor

Reason # 18
Because it was even obvious to Harry by 6th year Herbology class.

It was not as though he was really surprised, thought Harry, as he wrestled with a thorny vine intent upon throttling him; he had had an inkling that this might happen sooner or later. But he was not sure how he felt about it.... he and Cho were now too embarrassed to look ateach other, let alone talk to each other; what if Ron and Hermione started going out together, then split up? Could thier friendship survive it? Harry remembered the few weeks when they had not been talking to each other in the third year; he has not enjoyed trying to bridge the sidtance between them. And then, what if they didn't split up? What if they became like Bill and Fleur, and it became excruciatingly embrassing to be in their presence?"Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Chapter Fourteen - Felix Felicis

Reason # 19
Because she's bloody brilliant.

Reason # 20
Because she cried for a whole week or maybe longer after he left.

"After you left," he said in a low voice, grateful for the fact that Ron's face was hidden, "she cried for a week. Probably longer, only she didn't want me to see. There were loads of nights when we never even spoke to each other. With you gone..."~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Chapter Nineteen - The Silver Doe

Reason # 21
Because he's tall and has scars.

"You can still see where those brains got hold of me in the Ministry, look," said Ron, shaking back his sleeves. "And it doesn't hurt that you've grown about a foot over the summer, either," Hermione finished, ignoring Ron. "I'm tall," said Ron, inconsequentially. ~ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Chapter Eleven - Hermione's Helping Hand

Reason # 22
Because he's concerned about her reputation.

"I told you!" Ron hissed at Hermione, as she stared down at the article. "I told you not to annoy Rita Skeeter! She's made you out to be some sort of-of scarlet woman!" Hermione stopped looking astonished and snorted with laughter. "Scarlet woman?" she repeated, shaking with suppressed giggles as she looked round at Ron. "It's what my mum calls them," Ron muttered his ears going red.~ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Chapter Twenty-seven - Padfoot Returns

Reason # 23
Because she washes his underpants.

"I'll pack these for you," Hermione said brightly, taking Harry's presents out of his arms as the three of them headed back upstairs. "I'm nearly done, I'm just waiting for the rest of your underpants to come out of the wash, Ron-" ~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Chapter Seven - The Will of Albus Dumbledore

Reason # 24
Because he'll protect her even if it means making her his cousin.

Ron glanced at Hermione, then said, "What if purebloods and half-bloods swear a Muggle-born's part of their family? I'll tell everyone Hermione's my cousin--" Hermione covered Ron's hand with hers and squeezed it. "Thank you, Ron, but I couldn't let you--" "You won't have a choice," said Ron fiercely, gripping her hand back. "I'll teach you my family tree so you can answer questions on it."
~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Chapter Eleven - The Bribe

Reason # 25
Because she's a right little ray of sunshine.

2 Re: Ron & Hermione taj Ned Feb 06, 2011 6:45 am

Ahhhh, njihov odnos tokom svih sedam knjiga je ... nema reci da se to opise. Very Happy Ovi razlozi govore sve. Ocigledno je da se svidjaju jedno drugom od trece knjige, mozda i ranije, ali ja to nisam primetila i zao mi je sto J.K. nije prikazala vise od tog jednog poljupca. Ali to mi je omilijena scena u sedmoj knjizi. Toliko dugo sam cekala na to. Oni su divni zajedno. Smesni, savrseno se dopunjuju. Ona je prepamtna, on je duhovit. Very Happy Volim i deo u cetvrtoj knjizi kada Ron shvata da je Hermiona DEVOJKA. Very Happy Tada je sve i pocelo ^^


Harry: Albus were named for the two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.

Snape: "Look... at... me."

Finally, after years of everyone telling Harry how he has Lily's eyes, the reader finally gets to understand the significance. The whole Snape story is beyond brilliant, and Alan Rickman is going to be awesome in Hallows Part 2.

3 Re: Ron & Hermione taj Ned Feb 06, 2011 11:15 am


avatar ::Ahhhh, njihov odnos tokom svih sedam knjiga je ... nema reci da se to opise. Very Happy Ovi razlozi govore sve. Ocigledno je da se svidjaju jedno drugom od trece knjige, mozda i ranije, ali ja to nisam primetila i zao mi je sto J.K. nije prikazala vise od tog jednog poljupca. Ali to mi je omilijena scena u sedmoj knjizi. Toliko dugo sam cekala na to. Oni su divni zajedno. Smesni, savrseno se dopunjuju. Ona je prepamtna, on je duhovit. Very Happy Volim i deo u cetvrtoj knjizi kada Ron shvata da je Hermiona DEVOJKA. Very Happy Tada je sve i pocelo ^^

Obozavam ih <3 najbolji par svih vremena Smile toliiiko ceznem za tom njihovom jednom scenooom Very Happy <3

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